Csr2 boss 302 max tune

The CSR2 community is really working together and I have here a chart that will show you not only the best times for a certain car, it will also show you which tuning was used.

Please mind that all the times here reflect fully maxed cars so the tuning can be different if you did not fit all fusion parts or Stage 6 upgrades! Tier 1 cars are pretty stable when it comes to the times — primarily because there are not many T1 cars added to CSR2 compared to the other tiers.

The good thing is you will pull them quite easily, even in Bronze crates. The Porsche dominates the Tier 2 for ages now but with the Alpine A introduced in the 2. Welcome to the fastest Tier that also has the most cars — unfortunately the absolutely fastest cars are cars that have been special purple 5-Star cars that were available during special events.

Hi, I'm Tim and I play CSR2 since the release for every day straight and I absolutely love the fine-tuning aspect of the game and the feeling when hours of trying tunes get a little bit better times. It's all about details in life, right? Nice work with the list!!

I will update soon with the latest cars, please give it some more time. Hope to get it done during next week. I have a question: Where is the normal dodge demon p5 on that list? For the Nissan gtr35 premium I still need 7 fusion parts and am running a Your time is Nice time! Do you use the same tune there? Is it possible for you to post that time in a video or at least screenshot? Could there be a mistake with the times?

The GT-R has May even concider building my own. I always update before next ones come. In this case before 2. I dont understand the nitro numbers. Any help understanding? In this case refer to the seconds 5. The Huracan Coupe shows 3 stars, the one you can buy has no stars.

Are the cars the same performance wise?

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Best time is said They have different S6 parts that are not interchangeable. Best one would be to upload a video to Youtube or anywhere else showing you racing that time including showing your tune setup. Yeah they updated some things on these cars also due to the new event… will update in the next round in January. The Ford fiesta st 1 star maxed time is wrong.

It cannot reach even below 12 seconds with only 1 fusion slot empty. This might hel you click here. Not shure if it got buffed during an update. But the chiron time is wrong.I will update here the current and upcoming, as much as possible season cars that will be featured in CSR2 — especially the Crew Milestone Car and the Prestige Cup car.

You now have one week to get your Prestige Cup car pulled from the Silver Crates and normally saving up Silver Keys is enough to get it with the 10x drop chance here — I personally never needed to rely on the guaranteed bonus after 15 pulls.

When you have pulled your Prestige Car, do not use any more Silver Keys! You should try to pull it as early as possible to have it fully upgraded to Stage 5 or Stage 6 if you have the upgrade parts already by the time the Prestige Cup starts.

They are pretty much the same but the SP2 has two seats while the SP1 is a single-seated car. The dyno times look very slow and it won t be easy getting fusion parts for this manufacturer so if you re short on Silver Keys you might think about skipping this Prestige Cup. This car looks really promising in the first impression and gets times in the dyno that looks like getting into Top 10 of Tier 4 and I think with more tweaking it will get closer to the Top 5.

If you get a shot on this car and the chance to get it you should, especially as the NSX can be nice for later use in Tempest. It will be the new fastest car in Tier 2 and you will not regret having it later in the game. In the 5th gear you use nitro and take it with deep good shifts from here. Best tune with only Stage 5 parts and want a tune that beats the dyno for the prestige Cup, so you should set the tune to. When driving it on the track you need to do a perfect start and let the wheelspin happen for a short time.

When bad wheelspin is over after about 0. From here you use deep good shifts. On the track, you want to kick it off with a perfect start release just before the countdown ends and immediately go with a very early shift into 2nd gear. Here you will use a deep good shift into 3rd gear and use your nitro there and continue using deep good shifts.

Best tune with only Stage 5 parts and want a tune that beats the dyno for the Prestige Cup, so you should set the tune to. This is all happening really fast so practice it a few times. In 2nd gear with nitro you do deep good shifts but, as I said, it will happen really fast. You really want to get this beauty to have it for any future event you could use a really fast T3 car.

When it comes to the shift pattern do a perfect start this is a tricky one because RPM is fast and green zone is right below max. Then go immediately into 2nd gear and take a deep good shift into 3rd gear. Use nitro here and continue with deep good shifts. You can say what you want, this car looks really awesome. Immediately go into 2nd gear and take it to 3rd gear with a deep good shift. In 3rd gear you can use your nitro and continue with deep good shifts. Shifting pattern is quite straightforward with a perfect start and directly using a perfect shift into 2nd gear to fire your nitro.

From here you will use perfect shifts till the last gear for the best time. Kick it off with a perfect start pedal to the metal until start or release just a millisecond before the countdown ends, really tough and go into the 2nd gear immediately.

Now use your nitro and go with deep good shifts from here. This car is around Top 20 right now in the current best time list in T4 running slightly below For getting the best time kick it off with a perfect start and immediately hit it into 2nd gear. From here deep good shifts into 4th gear where you hit that nitro in and continue with deep good shifts.

Best tune with only Stage 5 parts and want a tune that beats the dyno by a lot for the Prestige Cup and gets even close to the maxed time, so you should set the tune to.

Hi, I'm Tim and I play CSR2 since the release for every day straight and I absolutely love the fine-tuning aspect of the game and the feeling when hours of trying tunes get a little bit better times. It's all about details in life, right? The schedule image shows 20x starting first Friday of the season. It was 10x yesterday first Friday and is still 10x today.

csr2 boss 302 max tune

Sorry for creating confusion, I also adapted the text with the drop rate.Thanks for racing with us for seasons! As a celebration, we wanted to do something special for the community! Thanks for racing with us! If you have any feedback or would like to see any new features introduced to the game join the CSR2 discussion on FacebookTwitterInstagramand YouTube to let us know what you think!

The second collection of Elite Customs cars are here! Take your garage to a brand new level by revamping your car collection with an upgraded take on customization and performance. Elite Showdown requires the use of the current and previous…. The Elite Showdown will offer higher rewards on currency and parts to support the current Crew Championship season. Keep an eye out for these special events to earn further rewards and parts.

Players around the World. We really, really hope you are all well during these incredibly challenging times, and that you are able to look after both yourself and your loved ones. For some of you, we know this will be challenging - maybe geography, accommodation, or travel prevent you from being as close as you would like to those who matter.

Some of you may already be directly affected by Covid Whatever your circumstances, know that we are all thinking about you and our global community of racers. In light of this, our whole company and other games makers and publishers have joined forces with the World Health Organisation to create a supportive community of gamers.

To make staying connected to your friends easier for you, we are offering free fuel pips to all players during this time period. For the next 14 days, starting tomorrow 31 st March, you will receive 10 free fuel pips, if you have played the day before. We are also challenging you to work together as a community to race a total of million races in the next 14 days to unlock a free BMW Z4 M40i.

csr2 boss 302 max tune

We will keep you posted on the community progress through social channels and emails. As a celebration of reaching the th Season, we wanted to do something special for the community! This is our way of saying thank you for racing with us! Keep an eye out on the blog for more information to come. Elite Customs is here! You can now take your garages to a whole new level by revamping your car collection with an upgraded take on customization and performance. We are so excited to see you get creative with this!

Please do share all your customs on social using CSR2.

Pre market hours

As an added treat, The British Legends Cup is a great opportunity for players to get much-needed parts for their British Legends cars!

Elite Customs is a brand new feature that allows you to revamp your car collection with an upgraded take on customization and performance. For those of you who have achieved the above already, Congrats! This is the final hurdle in this series and one not to be missed!

【CSR2】Mustang Boss 302 (non star include), shift & tune for 11.893 (11.954)

The celebration of the Best of Britain will conclude in style! Top tip: This event should be useful to all those looking to progress further in Legends giving you more opportunity to earn additional Fusion and Stage 6 parts. The Showdown follows individual PvE events that take place for each of the cars. Take your expression to a new level and showcase your identity on the track.

Experience more customization options for Elite cars, allowing you to change the appearance of your cars in more depth than ever before, and yes we listened!Tuning is the tool where you can make so much and not only your car better. You can tune your car for certain races, get easier opponents in Live Raceswin the time trials and cup races a lot easier they adapt to your RP and not your EVO, but more on that later and much more.

csr2 boss 302 max tune

In this article I will show you how you get the best possible tuning for every car setup and give you some of my extra tips that will help you for sure winning more races in CSR2. In the first part I will show you how you find the best tuning setup in general for your car in CSR2 — step by step. Does this mean total? The higher the EVO number gets, the better is your tuning setup and the time your car gets in races. Every time you add fusion parts or a different stage on your tires, transmission or nitro you will need to check the tuning menu to see if you need to adjust some things.

Now here comes the special part of tuning — as soon as you reach the end game and did some Elite Licence races you will see that the space for mistakes gets thinner and thinner and every little bit starts counting. The above-shown method works in general, but you can still fine-tune your car above that using the dyno and the test ride modes in the tuning menu in CSR Racing 2.

You can indeed get some extra value with tuning for these races as well. You can start moving around the tuning options and check the dyno for a couple hundred cash and get a little better times for one of them while getting slower times for the other one. Shifting costs time, sometimes only a little bit and sometimes more depending on the car you have look at the shift time bar in the car stats. No matter if you do a perfect shift or not, make sure that the shift is worth it.

Some cars work best when using the nitro right after start, others work best when using the nitro in the 2nd or even 3rd gear. This depends on so many individual factors that there is no simple rule when to use it. I know pure human logic tells that the faster I get to my top speed the better my times at the end.

The thing is, wheelspin the ugly red tire symbol is your worst enemy. Wheelspin kills all your acceleration and when you fire your nitro into a wheelspin you will lose most of its value. The best thing to get the best moment for nitro is using the test rides with the settings of half a mile and no manual launch control and then use it right after start, after 1st gear, after 2nd gear, after 3rd gear… and so on. Then you will clearly see in what gear nitro will be working best for your current setup.

All the above settings are working great unless you are going for Live Races.

CSR2 All Cars With Best Tuning Chart (April 2020)

You will be placed against opponents depending on what dyno times you get. The crucial thing here is that the opponents in your lobby have dyno times with a difference of 0. If your dyno time is now Hi, I'm Tim and I play CSR2 since the release for every day straight and I absolutely love the fine-tuning aspect of the game and the feeling when hours of trying tunes get a little bit better times.

It's all about details in life, right? I am very happy to say that this is an interesting post to read. I learn new information from your article, you are doing a great job. Thanks for sharing this post.

Neither does shifting in the green zone. That renders the most points but not the best time. Almost and entire second difference by doing exactly what you say is unnecessary. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Latest Popular Hot Trending. Login Search Search for: Search.

csr2 boss 302 max tune

Search Search for: Search. Hi I was very curious on how this gold key gain works??Looking around you will find tons of pages telling you which car is the fastest, but after all this is all misleading information! I know I have such a car buying guide for CSR2 as well, but my guide only focus on what car is the best choice in terms of purchase price to get you through the stage, nothing more. So, why do I dare to call so many other resources liars?

The problem is their fastest car list for CSR2 only takes the raw numbers into account, like how many BHP does a car have and what rating it has when fully upgraded and fitted all fusion parts.

The thing is, in CSR2 there are deeper laws that determine the fastest car than just the raw numbers of weight, nitro, and horsepower. Especially when racing human opponents in multiplayer battles you very likely have seen cars crushing you that are normally a lot weaker on the paper than your car is.

The reason for this is as simple as difficult — in CSR2, you can beat the dyno times. This means when tuning you often just focus on the dyno times to see which setup will make your car fastest. Below you will find the unofficial but proven fastest cars in CSR2.

These are setups that have been proven by video with their tuning setup provided and also showing how much faster they performed than the dyno would tell them. Please note that I will update this list from time to time when someone did perform better, especially after an update — this list is up to date with the 2.

The dyno value was We have a runner-up with the newly introduced John Cooper Works GP that will very likely get even better in the coming weeks my prediction. The dyno tells it has a total time of 8. Just introduced with the 2. This is a time with the car available for a short time and I think we can expect this car to even climb in ranks. Just one week in the game but already the fastest car in this tier!

Used to be the fastest T3 car. This tuning might sound weird but it took off 0. Used to be the top with a big lead but only 3rd place now!! Congratulations to this outstanding performance and a final time that crushed the former champion of 6.

Just a sick time. Congratulations to this performance! He did it with the SCG S. I race all the time and have never seen anyone hitting 6. Hey can you do one on the cars you can buy with in game cash, not gold or luck of draw ones with keys. At least would have a base idea.

I have T3 hellcat and When I started playing, I was checking out some lists only what car I should get to ultimately find myself working on the wrong car.

Thanks a lot… not. The reason why these lists out there are all wrong is simple. They only focus on the raw stats of the cars and not how they will perform when fully maxed and tunes with the right setup. What you will find here? Cars that you can buy and that are worth upgrading and fitting fusion parts???? Please note that this is about the fastest cars you can get from the shop, not rare imports. This list will help you race through the story missions. One word of caution first, if you want to find out what cars are actually the fastest in CSR2, you might want check out the official world record stats here — but this guide here is for those that want to know what car is worth buying in the shop in CSR2.

So each car here is worth getting because you will be able to re-use them in tempest later as well. You can buy both of them using cash and they can perform very well when fully upgraded with current world record times of The final tuning setup when fully maxed should be:. Please mind that this tuning setup is only for maxed cars.

They perform with 8. Consider this a lucky fact, all cars in Tier 3 you can buy in CSR2 are slower when maxed than the BMW M4 that can hit a final track time of 8,s, making him also fast enough to beat Tempest 3.

The only other cars that are faster than this one are cars you can only get from rare imports or crew championship. Sounds like a weird tuning but this is indeed the best car to get at T3. It only costs cash to buy and all other cars you can buy with Gold are not really worth it. The Nissan is also a nice car with insane grip and you can push him to Of course, these cares are not as good as the rare import cars so this will be something you will need to farm.

If you want to know how you can get more key, check out my key farming guide here :. Hi, I'm Tim and I play CSR2 since the release for every day straight and I absolutely love the fine-tuning aspect of the game and the feeling when hours of trying tunes get a little bit better times. It's all about details in life, right? Yes you do need to use a T2 car and maxed means all Stage 6 and fusion parts.

CSR Racing 2: Ultimate Guide 2018 with Tuning Tips

Still, mussing some fusion parts will make you a little but slower but tune is heavily tied to Stage 6 upgrades. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Latest Popular Hot Trending.

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When you said maxed out, does that mean fitting a Stage 6 parts? Hey is there anyway we can get a list for the best tune on stage five upgrades only. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Leave this field empty.Posted By: John March 1, You can find a general guide to CSR Racing 2 with more tunning and other tips in this post. To progress in the game, you want to gain as much RP as you can.

You can play the game as an individual, but being in a crew gives you a few more benefits. These are the numbers under the name of the car. Does this mean total? After we had been playing for a couple months, we stumbled upon a video that talked about how to win keys in live racing using a Golf GTi, so we upgraded the NOS, tires, and trans on a GTi one we had gotten from a crate and left everything else stock, added fusion parts to those upgrades, tuned it, and found it was a pretty good way to start out grinding for keys.

If you lose several in a row and they are killing your run timesback out and re-enter. There are a lot of complaints about match-making in the multi-player part of CSR2 and sometimes we get frustrated as well, but with time and effort, you can do it. These give more RP than the non-starred version and have more fusion slots, making them quicker in the end compared to the non-starred version.

First, win some bronze keys in live racing. Second, collect the free bronze crate Donna gives you every four hours.

Ford Mustang Boss 302

Next, get a part from winning a Daily Battle. Lastly, buy cars and strip them for fusion parts for example, you can buy more t1 Fiesta STs to strip to get fusion parts for your t3 Mustangs or buy more t2 mi to strip for your t3 BMW M4s. To get stage 6 parts for the Mustang or M4, you would have to strip Mustangs and M4s.

Soon after a new season starts, there will be a multiplier for the seasons Prestige car. With the Prestige car, you can do the Prestige Cup and potentially earn a lot of RP, however, just starting out this can be a little difficult to do, because upgrades can be cost prohibitive and you need to be in a crew.

People will claim to have a system that pulls the best cars. We believe the car you get is random, but feel free to do whatever you think will give you the best chance to pull that f40, Laferrari, or supercar of choice. More fuel PiPs equals more RP. One other possible use would be a one time gold purchase of your first good car which, we believe is the Porsche Boxster S.

The arrow on the left side of the screen has a pop-out window with icons at the top. The trophy icon has goals to reach, try to do them each time there are some shown there. Just use that car for the t3 pro regulation race. Yup, a stock t4 GT-R can be raced in the t3 regulation race and you can beat it. In other words, use a stock t2 car to win cash in t1 regulation races then use a stock t3 car to win cash in t2 regulation races and so on. High stock grip is the key, your gonna have more PP.

We usually do intake, followed by turbo, then engine, and end up upgrading body last.

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This, mind you, is our own, personal approach. If you have to use non-starred version, just do the minimal amount of upgrades you can to achieve your objective.

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